Introductions Are In Order

I will pass my 10th anniversary of playing Magic The Gathering not long after Gatecrash releases.  I started playing Magic not quite 10 years after the game first came out.

My Magic “career” has been a less than smooth ride.  I started playing at college.  Back home that summer I started learning the rules because I’d been taught and played at college with casual players who didn’t know the rules well themselves.  (I don’t know how many times I took 6 damage because I didn’t “have” Book Burning)

My first Sealed was MD5; my first draft and first booster box were Kamigawa.  (3x Betrayers is a HORRIBLE format.)  I got my DCI number when I registered for Florida Regionals 2005.  (When the best two-color lands are the Invasion tap lands it makes for a bad format.)  I played States, Regionals, PTQs, GP Daytona Beach 2007, and GP Tampa 2009.  I got to live the glory days of Ravnica block and played in all 3 States events that year (Standard States, 2HG States, and Limited States).

I beat a Phantom Centaur wearing an Armadillo Cloak while playing Goblins.  I got a Game 1 time limit draw playing GWR Predator Zoo vs U/B Teachings.  I started a GPT Round 2 straight to Game 3 when both me and my opponent got deck registration errors.

For a span of about 5 years, I played MTG out of a Barnes-n-Nobles then a McDonalds then a Borders Books then a Burger King then Borders again.  (BK Lounge!)

I entered both Great Designer Search 1 and 2.  I love the color pie and Tribal; I hate broken cards and mirror matches.  I am probably 70% Timmy 20% Spike 10% Johnny and about 90% Melvin 10% Vorthos.  I find the design of cards and blocks very interesting.

I have a semi-encyclopedic knowledge of Magic cards.  I love designing decklists; I’m less good at tuning them.  I claim no skills at sideboarding.  I’m an okay drafter, but terrible at reading signals.

What will I write about here?  Anything MTG-related that crosses my mind: tournament reports, analysis of new sets, decklists (probably no hot tech I’m afraid), my card designs, reaction to Mark Rosewater’s latest weekly column, or anything else that comes to mind.  I’m also open to suggestions/requests.


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